How to arrange flowers: Brassica (Ornamental Kale) Arrangements

How to arrange flowers- Brassica (Ornamental Kale) Arrangements

Brassica or Ornamental Kale is a popular Flower for Late Summer and Autumn… J shares expert care and handling techniques for Brassica, shows how to reflex these amazing “flowers” and then creates several arrangements…including a Fast & Easy Centerpiece with … Watch Video or Free Preview

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BJ Pitt's Cornucopia project

Project created by BJ Pitts The Cornucopia has long represented plenty and abundance. This “green” version turns over a new leaf on an old classic. Filled with fall flowers it would fit in well on any table where friends and … Continue Reading

How to Make a Pumpkin Stack Arrangement!

How to Make a Pumpkin Stack Arrangement!

J creates a Pumpkin Stack Arrangement on location at Mid Island Wholesale on Long Island using permanent botanical flowers and foliages and Design Master Color Tool Products. Suitable for Halloween or Fall or Autumn Home Decor!

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