How to Make a Casket Spray!


This Week J Does Double Duty… Sharing Best Practices for using Chrysal Professional Floral Nutrient Solutions 1-2-3. This gives you the Very Best Valuable Information about Flower Nutrients… and then J teaches the Fine Art of Creating a Casket Spray!

Price: $2.00

How to use Arrive Alive and Transporter 10 Systems!

How to use Arrive Alive and Transporter 10 Systems!

JTV’s CSI unit… breaks the case… and Show you HOW to Make Sure your Flowers Always ARRIVE ALIVE! J shares the Secret of Arrive Alive from Mac Technologies and also shows the BEST Way to Deliver your Flower Arrangements no … Watch Video or Free Preview

Chrysal RosePro Vase solution

Chrysal RosePro Vase solution

This unique solution is specially formulated to be used in rose arrangements for foam and vase work. RosePro Vase Solution contains nutrients, which keep the roses in peak condition. It ensures full bud development, an optimum vase life and will … Watch Product Video

Price: $15.53

Chrysal RosePro Hydration solution


Nothing can improve the quality and longevity of roses better than RosePro hydra-nutrient solutions. RosePro Hydration Solution is used during the cold storage period to improve hydration and prevent bent-necks. Can be used to hydrate all flowers. RosePro Hydration Solution … Watch Product Video

Price: $10.07

Arrive Alive “S” Block (100 Count)

Arrive Alive S block

Foam stem wrap for cut flower hydration. Allows for advanced bouquet preparation – perfect fit for wedding bouquets. Accommodates a larger number of stems, and the S-Block can be applied without ever setting the bouquet down! $58.30 per box of … Watch Product Video

Price: $58.30

Arrive Alive 10″ Triangle (100 Count)

Arrive Alive 10 inch triangle

Foam stem wrap for cut flower hydration. The Great alternative to water tubes. Accommodates smaller groupings of stems. Perfect fit for walk-in customers… $58.30 per box of 100 (600 count available)

Price: $58.30