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Talent is good. Practice is better. Passion is Best. Frank Lloyd Wright

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Amanda Johnson

Butterfly Petals

Mesa,Arizona,United States

Member since 2011

Butterfly Petals
2505 E. Jensen St.
Mesa, Arizona

(480) 882-2436

Wedding/Event Planner
Flower Studio
Freelance Flower Designer

About Me

I'm a special events and wedding florist in the lovely Phoenix area. I love my job and we're growing and expanding everyday. I run my business out of my home studio surrounded by two kids, a lovely and patient husband, two dogs and a whole lot of flowers! It's crazy but I love it. I specialize in funky and rustic designs. I work with succulents, fruit, vegetables--lots and lots of texture! There's a huge vintage movement here in Phoenix and we've been working on a lot of vintage designs as well.

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