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"Hi Twin Flowers... You need to download the images... they are yours once you have downloaded to place where ever you like... but they will not be available on multiple machines! Thanks for the awesome question.. Thank you so much!! J"

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"The arrangement stays in place with the weight of the flowers and the bend of the branches... It is very secure for a table decoration... for transportation I would deliver the items separately and put them together when you arrive at the event! Thanks for the great question!!"

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"Thanks for the Suggestion... I will put it on our List for the Fall Production! Thanks again for suggesting Video Content for FUN with Flowers and J!"

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"That's Great... My Dad taught me how to Design BIG and SHOWY! I hope that at 87 years old I'm able to keep up and make gorgeous flowers like him! My Vote goes to MEL too #GoMEL!!!!"

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"Thank you so much Josie Anne! I appreciate your kind words from the bottom of my heart! We'll keep on---- Keepin' on!!! Flowers Mean the World to me... So I'll keep sharing my Passion for Everything FLOWERS!! Thanks so much for the kind note!"

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"Hi Kim, I would contact our Great Friends at Campbell's Nursery in Lincoln... they will have expert advice... call them and ask for Mike Campbell... he'll be able to help you get them bedded down for the Nebraska Winter! "

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"Couple Secrets... wet your hands when working with them... that will help prevent bruising them with your fingers.. Also use Chrysal Professional Glory... coat them completely front and back...allow to dry and coat again... Maybe you could GLUE them into the hand tied bouquet... right before the ceremony... "

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"I also love the NEW Stemmed Gardenias... from KB Farms... Available from your local Wholesale florist... they come on the stem... and sometimes with many buds... then you can place them into the Foam... or into a hand tied bouquet... all the buds open too! They are truly one of my favorite flowers!"

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"And the NEW Super WIDE FLAT WIRE... has been excellent... the different sizes make super pew adjustable pew clips! "

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"I use all of the above techniques... in addition... I get SUPER LARGE Rubber Bands at the OFFICE Supply Store... this allows me a bit more stability... or security... I can cover with ribbon... I find it ads a bit more support... "

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Fragrant Garden Ribbons… From RELIANT RIBBON

Great Selection of "Fragrant Garden" Ribbons from RELIANT RIBBON!

Fragrant Garden Concept Ribbons from Reliant Ribbon Corp.

Loved this Selection of Ribbon from RELIANT RIBBON CORPORATION at the Dallas Market this June… they are a perfect selection to communicate the “Fragrant Garden Concept”… using color, texture and pattern…

Reliant Ribbon… love, Love, LOVE!!!

She Needs Flowers… Doesn’t EVERYONE?

She Needs Flowers Calendar from 1963


This week I was as Sieck Wright Floral Products in New Jersey… and they had the most spectacular display of OLD Flower Calendars in their office…

That's the LOOK... "Flowers Please!" Green Gloves and All!

I grabbed this picture… of this Calendar from 1963…  I love the Vintage image and those amazing Green Gloves… Doesn’t her LOOK say just that… “FLOWERS PLEASE!!!”

The Days of LOCAL Flowers... Jersey Flowers for Jersey Florists

I also liked the tag line at the bottom of the Calendar… that was back in the day when Wright’s Roses were growing Local Roses… for distribution to their clients in New Jersey!   FUN Flower History!


Flowers for your Windows… 24-7

Cool Window Transfers from Amsterdam

Saw these Cool Flower Window Transfers today on! I Sent for mine… can you guess which one I chose?

Here’s a HINT… Check out the colors! Its a FUN way to Show your FLOWER Love to the WORLD from your Window!

Fabulous Flower FUN! Here’s the LINK if you want to ORDER some for Yourself! Everlasting Flowers

The Lupine Bouquet window Transfer

Flowers for My Friends!

It was my Friends Stephanie and Sean’s Anniversary… and we were invited to dinner! I’ve really got into the habit of Bringing Flowers! It wasn’t easy at first… in Europe it’s “easier” because there are vendors on every corner…So I have to plan… and that was the most difficult part! Training ME to better prepared… and Making Flowers the PRIORITY!

Amazing Colors... The Detail!

That Being said… I got some amazing Dahlias at the Farmer’s Market… The Dahlia Growers are winding up their season… and then I had these TWO Amazing Hydrangea in my garden… that were PINK all summer… and as our nights have gotten cooler… they turned a Fantastic Taupe Color… my Seedum was also FIRING up…. so I added that too…  It turned out Beautiful… and was a Fabulous way to say “CONGRATULATIONS” to my Friends…  “Flowers Like Friends Take TIME!” (Georgia O’keefe)

A RICH Autumn Color Palette for Sean and Steph!

Hello Flower World! uBloom 2.0

Welcome to uBloom 2.0! Thanks for stopping by! We’ve added a great deal of NEW Benefits to uBloom! And We’ve remained Dedicated to our FREE Features as well.  You can browse our Blogs… and Member Profiles… (IF you want to leave comments… You’ll need to JOIN the CLUB!)… Check out Flowers in uBloom Flower Guide… Watch great Fresh Cut Videos about Products, Flowers and Services… and download ANY our 100′s of How Videos for $1 or $2!

As a Club uBloom Member… You can Comment on everything (as I told you…) Watch our Entire Archive of JTV, CA Grown, Destination Dallas and Fun with Flowers and J Videos… in HD and FULL SCREEN… 24/7… Chat in our Forums… and have your OWN uBloom Profile JUST LIKE THIS to share your Passion for Flowers! Post Pictures, Projects, Articles and even embed your OWN Videos… and BLOG!

It’s Our Way of Including EVERYONE in our Great BIG Flower World… It’s Everything Flowers… all the TIME! Welcome… and let me know what you think!