The Happy Colors of Rainbow Roses!

Written by J Schwanke

Just when you think you have seen it all, something comes along that really gives you faith in NEW FUN STUFF! This is how I felt over a year ago when I saw Rainbow Roses for the very first time in Amsterdam at the Horti-fair event at the RAI Exhibition hall!

Looking through all the amazing new rose colors and varieties I stumbled across this:

Everyone Has An Opinion

I was delighted and struck with awe! Everyone has an opinion of these Amazing Scientifically Transformed Roses. It really is fun to see what everyone has had to say. I featured them in my Blog on JTV many months ago and they consistently get attention from all over the world.

The Comments range from “they grow this way” to “amazing…out of this world” and even the occasional “bleah” from some purists. The thing that is the most amazing is that these roses grab your attention either way! They are FUN, Exciting and intriguing… to say the least.

A Top Secret Formula

I am honored to call the Inventor Peter Vanderwerken my Friend! Peter and I started communicating after I saw the Rainbow Roses and he has helped me in sourcing them for the US Market. In turn I have HAPPILY helped him promote them throughout the US at all my shows. Peter has been instrumental in helping me source Rainbow Roses for customers, Professional Florists, Wholesale Florists, and even sent them to me for Special JTV webisodes.

To be perfectly honest, many people claim to have figured out Peter’s TOP SECRET Method to creating the Rainbow Roses… but only Peter himself and the staff at Happy Roses know the actual method. We do know that the dye that creates the Rainbow effect is systemically released inside the flower themselves. Exactly how this done will have to remain a secret for the time being.

Everyone is so enthralled with them, it has been fun taking them all over the country. This Summer I took them to see our uBloom Flower Craft Expert TERRI O on her Craft Segment on Fox TV in Phoenix! We had so much fun showing how to use one or two blossoms in creative ways for your next party.

Happy Roses owns the international patent to this process and for now Peter is not telling! Although Everyday he introduces new varieties of Flowers that have been given his secret Happy Color® Rainbow Treatment. Last October 2007 I saw first hand some of the incredible varieties that are being Rainbow Treated by Happy Colors, Amaryllis, Orchids both Cymbidium and Phalenopsis, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Ornamental Cabbage, Gerbera Daisies and more.

Fun New Varieties

Peter is also working constantly on new color variations for his Happy Color Treatments. Recently he sent a variety of the newest color combinations to a Presentation I gave at Seagroatte Wholesale in Cromwell CT. I was able to demonstrate to the 300 plus attendees the NEW Pastel Version of Rainbow, The Ocean (Cool water colored palette) and Tropical (Hot warm colored palette) along with the Ever Popular Rainbow Roses.

It is amazing just how FUN and eye-catching these Happy Color Roses can be!

When collectively gathered in a Cube they create an awesome baby shower or new arrival flower gift. When paired with similar colors they can transform a brides maid bouquet! The limits lie within our very own creativity… and color combinations.

Peter also showed me his newest experiments in Double colored roses that can coordinate with Football or Rugby Team colors, Corporate logos or special times of year (for example CHRISTMAS…with Red and Green). Leave it to our Dutch brothers to develop something so scientific and modern with Fresh Cut Flowers.

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