Lisa Luck's Pocket Petals project for uBloom

Pocket Petals

Project created by Lisa Luck

I am currently working on wedding flowers for a couple who are getting married in a couple of weeks. They wanted silk (the bride wanted to keep her bouquet) and they wanted simple and very cheap. I assisted the bride in choosing the flowers and style of bouquet. The couple is having a somewhat casual wedding as both of them are “rockers” and the young man is a lead singer in a heavy metal band and is sporting a mohawk. He decided that he didn’t want to wear a jacket nor did he want the men in the wedding party to wear one either. He just wanted to wear a white shirt with a black tie and black pants. That left me with what to do about a button hole for the men. They couldn’t wear one on their shirt as that would look ridiculous!

This gives men another interesting choice in floral wear. You can use this method in a shirt like I am or you could use it with a jacket. Give this project a try and see what you think! It’s lots of fun to do and you can do quite a few of them in just a little bit of time.

Lisa Luck's Pocket Petals project for uBloom


  • Thin, white cardstock
  • Flowers
  • Glue


  1. Insert a piece of thin, white cardstock cut to fit inside the pocket of the shirt. I left about 3/4 inch of the cardstock above the pocket rim.
  2. On that area I glued tiny geranium petals cut to look like small red rose petals which matched the brides red rose bouquet.
  3. I completely covered that 3/4 inch area and let the petals extend slightly above the cardstock and carefully glued them so that they would slightly overlap the top edge of the pocket of the shirt.
  4. After the glue dried, I inserted the paper into the pocket and presto! an unusual, modern floral look for the men in the wedding party.
  5. Helpful Hint: Normal rose petals were too large to use on the cardstock so I had to improvise by using silk geranium florets which I cut a part to look like small rose petals.
  6. Helpful Hint: You could use hydrangea petals, small silk rosebuds or daisies. You could even cover the cardstock with a band of ribbon and a sprig of ivy. The sky is the limit!