In the Rough project for uBloom by Don Smith

In the Rough

Project created by Don Smith

Center piece for local Chamber of Commerce annual Golf Outing banquet.
A vegetative arrangement representing the rough, Billy Balls for Golf Balls and a Three Wood.

In the Rough project for uBloom by Don Smith


  • Double size casket saddle
  • Two blocks of Aqua foam
  • Three Wood (got ours from a second hand store)
  • Four Bells of ireland
  • One bunch of “Billy Balls”
  • Half a bunch of Cocks Combs
  • Half a bunch of Dahlias
  • Yellow Linmonium
  • Three stems orange spray roses
  • Silk Mushrooms
  • Galax leaves
  • Two paddles of leather leaf
  • Chicken wire
  • Two small wood dowels
  • Paddle wire


  1. Put soaked foam in saddle and secure with chicken wire
  2. Fasten Gollf club using paddle wire and dowel rods
  3. Green with leather leaf
  4. Add Bells of Ireland, use Bells to hide the dowel rods
  5. Scatter Billy Balls around the Arrangement to represent lost golf balls
  6. Add the remaining flowers at one end simulating the rough