Love Birds on a Perch project by Bobbie Kopelman

Love Birds on a Perch

Project created by Bobbie Kopelman

This is a bird cage made of beach vitex stems with 2 love birds on a perch with organic live gerbera daises and an assortment of live organic filler flowers. This was a lot of fun to make and I put it in my “love relationship” corner of my room because it is a “summer love” theme.

Love Birds on a Perch project by Bobbie Kopelman


  • Live and organic beach vitex (6 stems)
  • Gerbera daises (10 organic)
  • Night blooming jasmine budding stems (1 bunch of organic)
  • Myrtle (1 bunch of yellow organic)
  • Shrimp plant (1 bunch organic)
  • Immortal (1 organic)
  • Statice (1 bunch organic)
  • Cold floral adhesive
  • 1 basket
  • 1 block/brick of wet floral foam
  • 1 large piece of cellophane
  • 22 gauge green floral wire
  • 1 Bird perch
  • 2 Love Birds
  • Crowning glory
  • Lots of Love


Place 1 large piece of cellophane in a basket.
Soak floral foam for at least 20 minutes, then place in the basket on top of the cellophane.
Insert beach vitex stems into the sides of the foam making a “cage” design wiring the top with the 22 gauge green wire.
Place the myrtle first, the gerbera daises and then the remaining filler flowers throughout the foam.
Then wire the perch to the top of the “cage” and wire birds to the perch.
Using cold floral adhesive, glue the immortal flower to the perch under the bird’s feet.
Then slip a myrtle stem with a flower between the birds.
Then spray with Crowning Glory and give them lots of love