Never Too Late to Network

Written by J Schwanke

“Networking”…scary word or WONDERFUL Opportunity! Think WONDERFUL! Networking is the heart of a Successful, Profitable business! Networking is sharing your Passion for Flowers with EVERYONE!
It’s telling your story…sharing your ideas and creativity with the world. It’s a simple process that some consider scary or difficult. I’m here to tell you it’s not…Actually, it can be a whole lot of fun.


LOVE what you Do… We all love flowers… and that’s what we do… perhaps you don’t love what you do? Then find something Else to Do!


CREATE your Personal commercial…this is a 15 second commercial. A description that “SELLS” you (and what you do) to someone else…

For Example…”I TURN People’s Feelings into FLOWERS… I’m a FLOWER Designer and I create Affordable works of ART out of the PRETTIEST Flowers on the Planet…Everyday!” If you said that to me… in an elevator, at a coffee shop, in the grocery store… I would knock you down and rip your business card from your pocket! I would want to know where I get my Feelings Turned into FABULOUS Affordable Works of Flower ART! Today!

You have to believe your Personal Commercial! It’s NOT… “oh…I’m a florist” or “yeah, I play with flowers”… it’s a Dynamic, Positive, Interesting personal statement that intrigues strangers! A statement that encourages (and entices) them to find out more about you and what you do!  When you “OWN” your commercial perfecting and delivering it time and time again… you are networking! You’re sharing with the world your PASSION… your Love of Flowers!

Networking is sharing your Professional Personal Commercial with everyone you meet. It’s smiling in line at the department store, or starting a conversation at a bar, or joining a civic group, to create opportunities to give your commercial…Network!
That’s step Two! When you’re comfortable and confident… and you are sharing your personal commercial… we can move to Step Three!


SHARE what you Love! Your business is Flowers and you need to share it with everyone you meet. You want everyone to know that FLOWERS improve people’s lives! Flowers make you get better faster when you are sick! Flowers are an affordable luxury that raises your quality of life. Share FLOWERS! Networking is amazingly easy when you use FLOWERS!

To be honest it’s easy to become “jaded” over the years! It’s hard to realize the excitement that flowers actually cause for our customers…because we’re used to them! Flowers are a Commodity for Flower Sellers. Fear not… you can overcome that and renew and rejuvenate your Appreciation of Flowers!

The easiest way to do that is to go on delivery… yep… Take an afternoon and Deliver… maybe you haven’t delivered in years… you leave that to the youngsters! However in doing so you are missing the BEST Part of your JOB! Seeing the face, the appreciation and many times the tears of JOY your Flowers bring!

You have Flowers surrounding you everyday… and I’ll bet you have extras! Rather than “stuffing” your next arrangement… set aside a few choice blossoms and create an Arrangement YOU LIKE… one you are proud of…perhaps a style that you would like to create more often for your customers…

Create that LOVELY Flower work of Art and take it somewhere… to the coffee shop, to the bank, to the hair salon… and Present it to them WITH your Personal Commercial… Tell them you wanted to share WHAT you DO with them… and chances are they will want to share their BUSINESS with You!

Be prepared with a Business card or offer a SMALL Discrete Clear Business cardholder filled with your business cards… to set near the FLOWERS! It’s really that simple! Tada…You’re Networking! Remember to check back on the Flowers and also to remove/replace them when it’s time! Networking is about showcasing your Best Attributes to Potential Customers… and you always want to be at your BEST!

NETWORKING is Simple… it’s advertising your Passion for Flowers with a PROFESSIONAL Commercial and Simple Visual Aid… Sharing your LOVE for Turning Peoples Feeling into FLOWERS! Wonderful!