Here Fishy Fishy project for uBloom by Martha Wiggs, TMF

Here Fishy Fishy

Project created by Martha Wiggs, TMF

Where did the Fish go? A fun In and Out Contemporary Arrangement

Here Fishy Fishy project for uBloom by Martha Wiggs, TMF


  • 1 Large Bubble Bowl
  • Handful of white Fish Tank Rocks
  • Handful of River Rocks
  • 1 Fish Tank Accessory
  • 2 Oasis Igloos
  • 3 Stems of Lily Grass
  • 1 Large White Hydrangea
  • 1 Stem of Yellow Poms
  • 2 Jade Roses
  • 4 Green Carnations
  • 3 xanadu Leaves
  • About ½ yd Turquoise 12 Gauge Aluminum Wire
  • About ½ yd Blue 12 Gauge Aluminum Wire
  • 1 Can of Orange #775 Design Master Paint
  • 1 Can of Olive Bright #790 Design Master Paint
  • 1 Can of Robin’s Egg #792 Design Master Paint
  • 1 Can of Violet #715 Design Master Paint
  • 1 Can of Larkspur Blue #707 Design Master Paint


  1. First start soaking your Oasis Igloos in a bucket of water. While soaking creatively place rocks and fish tank accessory into bubble bowl.
  2. Take White hydrangea and Paint Olive Bright, Robin’s Egg, Larkspur Blue and Violet all at the same time. While still wet run under water to allow blending. Let Dry
  3. Take 2 Jade Roses and hit with a little Olive Bright to create a more dramatic Lime Green pop.
  4. Take Green Carnations and hit with a mixture of Olive Bright, Robin’s Egg and Larkspur Blue, making each one a little different.
  5. Take yellow Poms and hit them with a touch of Orange Paint to create a nice contrasting color
  6. While flowers are drying, take already prepped Bubble bowl and attach the two Igloos by stringing them together on one end with the Blue 12 Gauge Wire, next slip them over one edge of the bowl and secure with the Blue wire, bending into place.
  7. Next swirl in your 3 pieces of Lily Grass
  8. Now creatively place pieces of the painted Hydrangea, Roses, Xanadu leaves, Poms, and Carnations into your Igloos
  9. To add a finishing touch I swirled pieces of the Turquoise and Blue 12 Gauge Aluminum Wire and incorporated them throughout the piece.