Inspired By JTV project for uBloom by Sharrai Morgan

Inspired by JTV

Project created by Sharrai Morgan

Spring and Whismy, come together in this composition of flowers, fruit and fun!

Inspired By JTV project for uBloom by Sharrai Morgan


  • Design Master Sprays Olive Bright and Orange
  • Lime Green, Bright Orange and Double Yellow/Green Aluminum Wire
  • Lime Green Sisal Hair Wire
  • Sisal Biodegradable Pot
  • Hyacinth Stake
  • Super tack spray glue
  • Mini Limes
  • Tangerines
  • Oasis Foam
  • White Tulips
  • Ti -Leaves


  1. Lay 4 dry Ti- Leaves flat and coat one side of each with DM Olive Bright Spray. I used 2 coats for each side.
  2. When the leaves are dry coat the other sides with DM Orange spray.
  3. Using the same DM Orange and DM Olive Bright spray coat the heads of white tulips to create two whole “new breeds”
  4. Create a swirling and twirling band with Lime Green and Bright Orange Aluminum Wire. Use needle nose pliers to curl and twist the wire then weave and braid it together. Attach it as a collar treatment to your pre foamed sisal pot.
  5. Create swirls with your remaining wire to use later.
  6. String mini limes onto a hyacinth stake. (Extra bonus: this part smells so good). It makes me want a Margarita!
  7. Form a flower, leaf and extra curls out of your aluminum wire then attach to your new formed lime stick. Then add a center to your flower by making a ball out of Lime Green sisal hair wire, attach with super tack spray glue
  8. Cut slits onto one side of your Ti-Leaf and pull down to create a gill effect then secure with glue or staples. This allows the other color under neathe flash through. Ta Da!
  9. Take another T-Leaf and cut/split it down the center vein( not all the way though, leave the stem intact), then fold right side away from you and fold the other side towards you. This show both color loops on one stem. Staple to secure.
  10. The Last leaf I cut lots of slits to make it look like a variegated feather.
  11. Arrange Painted Tulips, Lime Flower Stick and Fun Double painted leafs in a pleasing funky fashion.
  12. With the extra wire curls you created earlier pierce through some tangerines and mini limes to hold in place at the base of your design.
  13. Fill in your holes with more wire curls and Lime sisal hair wire.
  14. Fun, Fresh, Funky