Les Feuilles Mortes….Autumn Leaves

Written by Christopher Grigas

Autumn Leaves… They captivate people across the world by defining a season so dramatically.  Today, I experienced my first feuille morte of the season floating delicately through the air and landing silently on the pavement in front of me…it was like a short film.  I picked it up to discover its perfect shape, vermillion color, and pale underside.  The concise design of autumn foliage seems to motivate me to begin my yearly journey into the world of dried and preserved flowers and botanicals and prepare for my shops Fall look.

There are many of these which I love to have in my shop at this time of year because they help define the season and add natural elements to the overall look and presentation.  Dried Sarracenia, Grass seed plumes, fiddleheads, artichokes, along with mossy bark, acorns, pinecones…the list never ends.  I even love having little bowls and containers of whole clove, Rose hips, coffee beans & lavender.  It’s fun to watch customers react to those things when placed strategically in little vignettes throughout the shop.  It is surprising to most how the natural colors of these items accent flowers so beautifully.

This time of year is when “Earthy & organic” is the look…so take advantage of it.  Rich colors, textures and fragrance bring on a whole new life when Fall is in the air.  It is unnecessary to pile pumpkins and gourds in your shop at the base of a tied up cornstalk beside a hay bale…let’s move on…we have more to offer the world.  Big bowls of artichokes, an organized tray of votive candles with dried leaves and acorns among them, a tall glass vase of thorny brambles….it’s all going to add to your ambiance.

Speaking of ambiance….this is the time to re-familiarize your customers with your shop’s candle inventory.  Autumn is The season to bring your candle inventory up to date and create visually appealing and interactive displays…and there are fun ways that stimulate people to buy.  Using the candle fragrance’s origin as part of your display…like placing chocolate pieces near chocolate candles…Lavender sprigs near lavender…and so on…this will sell your candles.

I find that when customers visit the store to get ideas for their own home, it’s a hook that creates the repeat customer.  If they are coming to visit for ideas…they are leaving with your ideas…they will be back for more.  The more times they visit the more chances they will buy something, you are not running a museum, you are running a retail business.  Get them to spend by making things irresistible…If you would buy it, it shows in how you present it.

If you have a chance…check out the song “Autumn Leaves” by Eva Cassidy…beautiful vocals