A Botanical Connection project by Christopher Grigas

A Botanical Connection

Project created by Christopher Grigas

Using only a few botanical material and some brown wire I designed this cocktail table centerpiece to bridge the gap between two wobbly vases for a linear and minimalistic effect…unique and modern with a lean toward Ikebana.

A Botanical Connection project by Christopher Grigas


  • 2 wobbly vases
  • River rock or pebbles
  • Accent Décor 2.0 gauge brown wire
  • Steel Grass
  • 3 Calla Lily
  • 4 Fiddlehead
  • 5 Chocolate Cosmos


  1. fill wobbly vases 1/3 with stone and water to just below the stone surface
  2. Create your linear arches with the steel grass in little groups of 2 – 3 blades
  3. comingle the 2.0 accent décor brown wire to mimic the grass blades
  4. Gently bend the calla in arches and place 2 in one direction and one in the opposite
  5. Use the fiddleheads similarly, by gently bending and following the natural curves
  6. Finally add the chocolate cosmos mostly on the opposite side of the 2 callas and accent with a single one on the other side.