dynasty blue color trend

Top 5 for 2010

Written by Michelle Lamb

With 2010 just around the corner, I have been getting lots of calls from
newspaper editors asking me about the colors I think will be trend-forward
for next year. They wanted to know about colors that will work in many
different product categories, and will be seen both indoors and out. Here
are my top-5 picks from The Trend Curve Colors™ 2010.

Hydrangea Purple: This clear, mid-value hue stays as far to the red
side as it can get without becoming a pink. We are already seeing this color
emerge in the market.

hydrangea purple color trend

Dynasty Blue: It’s just a bit warmer than peacock, and it’s going to
be a bestseller for both men and women.

dynasty blue color trend

Carnation Coral: Coral will not only be directional for 2010, it will
be even more so for 2011. This color feels like a sweetened orange, but
coral will be just as important when it is closer to pink.

carnation coral color trend

Chimera Green: Yellow-cast, but not too edgy, Chimera will be the
go-to green for 2010. It works with every other color in the 2010 forecast,
and also looks great with neutrals of all kinds.

chimera green color trend

Coronation Gold: Gold works on two levels, as a flat color and as a
metallic. It is rich, red-cast and usable as both a neutral and a color.

coronation gold color trend

To learn more about The Trend Curve Colors™ 2010, go to www.trendcurve.com , chose the Trend Store option from the pull-down menu and click on Color Forecasts.