Gyp…Not your Grandma’s Filler Flower Anymore

Gyp…Not Your Grandma’s Filler Flower Anymore!

Gyp…Not your Grandma’s Filler Flower Anymore

Image courtesy of White Lilac, Inc.

What if I told you that a certain flower, once a beloved sidekick to mums, carns and the ever popular dozen roses, now considered the ugly stepsister of the flower world, is poised to make an unconventional comeback? The very flower that, back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, was the “go to” filler of choice to transform lean looking floral designs into more voluminous, value filled arrangements that would SELL. I think you all know what flower I’m speaking of – the one that makes every trendy florist take a sharp breath and look extremely uncomfortable whenever it’s name is mentioned – fair warning, I’m going to say it…GYPSOPHILA!

Yes, dear florists…it’s Gyp! For some of you younger designers, the name may sound only vaguely familiar, but let me assure you, Gyp, or as it’s oddly termed “Babies Breath,” (odd, because it smells nothing like the breath of a baby), was at one time, THE Grand Dame of filler flowers. Now however, it has been demoted to it’s current position of old fashioned and unattractive scully maid, rarely used in design work unless specifically requested by a (usually older) customer. In fact, not many florists keep it in stock anymore. And with cheesy sounding variety names like “Million Stars” and “Party Time,” the lowly Gyp has quite a reputation to overcome. BUT, Overcome it HAS, and in a BIG way too!

Forgetting about the Gyp of yesterday or the way it was previously used in design work, some imaginative designers are beginning to think outside the box when it comes to Gyp, and are giving this old fashioned filler a Fresh and Bold New Look! Instead of designating it to the familiar position of wimpy sidekick or flimsy filler, brave florists are now using Gyp “en mass” – creating large mounds of fluffy white goodness that are so airy and light, they resemble flowery clouds. Check out these stunning pics from the wedding blog, The Cinderella Project, of gyp being used as centerpieces for a wedding reception. Stunning, aren’t they? Are you surprised? These gyp-novative (my new word for the innovative use of gyp) bridal designs are fresh, fun and dare I say, (gulp) even a wee bit elegant. Never thought I would ever use the words Gypsophila and Elegant in the same sentence, but alas, I have…and rightfully so!

Relishing it’s NEW persona as the ULTIMATE Comeback Kid, it appears as if Gyp is transforming it’s look, taking on the role of focal flower, and setting it’s sights high. It’s NOT your Grandma’s filler flower anymore! Perhaps it just might become THE flower of choice for weddings again, not as a wimpy sidekick, but as a trend forward flower that takes center stage and steals the show!