Christmas in July project for uBloom by Tanti Lina

Christmas in July

Project created by Tanti Lina

OK, so the title is a little lame, but the truth is when I thought of this design, I did think that the leatherleaf ferns can look sorta kinda like “snowflakes”.

Christmas in July project for uBloom by Tanti Lina


  • 20 stems of Leatherleaf Ferns
  • 12 stems Dark Purple Button Mums
  • Design Master “French Blue” Color Paint
  • Design Master “Basil” Color Paint
  • 20″w x 17″l Canvas (regular painting canvas from local arts and craft stores)
  • Spray Glue
  • Oasis Floral Glue


  1. I spray painted the white canvas with “French Blue” and “Basil”colors randomly. The goal is to have a colored background vs plain white.
  2. Then I sprayed the spray glue randomly to create textures.
  3. I also spray painted 10 of the leatherleaf ferns in “French Blue”.
  4. For each “snowflake”: I chose smaller branches from each fern, assembled/placed them clockwise. I did all the green first, and then inserted the blue ones in between (just as an accent). Each fern is attached to the canvas with the Oasis floral glue.
  5. The final step is to place one head of the Button Mum (cut the stem “flush” so it has a flat base) on the center of the “snowflake”.
  6. Repeat the above steps for the remaining area of the canvas.