Cymbidium Bridal Bouquet project by Erik Witcraft

Cymbidium Bridal Bouquet

Project created by Erik Witcraft

A beautiful cymbidium orchid bridal bouquet was created with lavish amounts of leather fern around the collar.

Cymbidium Bridal Bouquet project by Erik Witcraft


  • 1 Bunch Leather Fern
  • 1 Stem Cymbidium Orchids
  • 3 Stems ‘Black Out’ Asiatic Lilies
  • 16 stems Drumstick Allium
  • 2 Lomey Gems
  • 10 yards purple bullion wire
  • Corsage Tape
  • Chenille Stem
  • 22 Gauge Wire
  • Purple Ribbon


  1. Pierce wire all cymbidium orchids and tape top to bottom of each stem
  2. Take 5 yards of bullion and wad up into an orb and place lomey gem through center and tape
  3. Continue with second 5 yards to create another “wire bead with gem”
  4. Start with 3 asiatic lilies in your hand. add cymbium orchid blooms to fill in shape
  5. Add drumstick allium through gaps to add texture and volume
  6. Insert 2 “Wire Beads with gems” into a focal area
  7. Collar entire bouquet with 1 bunch of leather fern
  8. Bind with chenille stem
  9. Corsage tape over stems for the section you will be ribbon wrapping
  10. Ribbon wrap stems to complete