BJ Pitt & Makayla Newberry's project Hunters Hunk of Cake

Hunter’s Hunk of Cake

Project created by BJ Pitts & Makayla Newberry

Everybody loves a good birthday cake and we just adapted an age old design to make it perfect for our customers who love the outdoors and specifically Hunting!

BJ Pitt & Makayla Newberry's project Hunters Hunk of Cake


  • Floral Foam Cylinder
  • Five Stems of Leather Leaf
  • Three Stems of Bells of Ireland
  • Two Stems of Green Cushion Mums
  • Handful of Spanish Moss
  • Five Dried Cattails


  1. Soak Floral Foam
  2. Create a bed of Leather Leaf for cylinder to sit on
  3. Encircle base of cylinder by laying Leather Leaf sprigs flat onto foam
  4. Secure the Leather Leaf to cylinder by placing a few more sprigs through the first layer of Leather Leaf at varied angles to create depth
  5. Circle Bells of Ireland around top of cylinder, use corsage pins to secure where needed
  6. Use handful of moss to create “icing” effect for top of cylinder.
  7. Create a second circle using the green cushions
  8. Add “candles” by cutting all the Cattails to the same height and inserting into the “cake”