Summertime Is Dahlia time!

Written by Gay Smith

Dahlias strut their wild colors and shapes throughout long summer days, yet these beauties are tricky when it comes to handling, simply because the flowers tend to foul the water easily. When stems are plug with bacteria and organic material, flow stops.

If you have struggled with hot water or flaming stems, now is the time to step into the 21st century of dahlia care. Forget about hot water and burning stems, instead place freshly cut stems into Chrysal Professional #1 or Chrysal Professional Gerbera pills.

When the flowers arrive at your shop

Step 1: Prepare buckets with Chrysal Professional #1 hydration solution

  • Mix according to directions and let blooms drink for at least 4hrs up to 2 days
  • Gives a pH between 3.5—5.0 and boosts flow into stems
  • Professional #1 may appear milky in some water types. Milky is not bad or problematic, just a normal reaction if the water is high in calcium and magnesium

Step 2: Let blooms drink 4 hrs up to 3 days and then transfer into Chrysal Professional #2

  • Chrysal Professional #2 provides the sugar needed so petals and foliage stay turgid
  • Colors remain vivid


  • Avoid storing Dahlias more than +/-4 days at temperatures below 40F
  • Longest vase life achieved when cut point is just as flowers are breaking open and have at least 50% of color

Happy Summer!!