BJ Pitt's Leather project Gentle Greens

Gentle Greens

Project created by BJ Pitts

A simple container with a stately fern decoration containing Green Gladioli, Green Trick Dianthus, Green Carnations, Green Hydrangea, Green Cushions, Milky Way, Variegated Lily Grass and of course Leather Leaf!

BJ Pitt's Leather project Gentle Greens


  • Gladioli
  • Green Carnations
  • 1 Green Cushion stem
  • 1 Green Mini Hydrangea
  • 6 Green Trick Dianthus
  • 2 Milky way Leaves
  • 3 Variegated Lily Grass
  • 5 Stems Leather Leaf
  • 3/4 Brick Floral Foam
  • 1 Curly Willow Branch


  1. Insert Soaked Floral Foam
  2. Insert Gladioli Stems
  3. Insert Leather Leaf
  4. Insert Green Carnations
  5. Insert Green Trick
  6. Insert Green Cushions
  7. Insert stem of Milky way Leaf, Fold over and pin tip of leaf into floral foam
  8. Repeat step 7 for second leaf of Milky way
  9. Insert Curly willow branch
  10. Faux Braid 3 stems of variegated lily grass and insert in same way as milky way