Announcing our FERN-TASTIC JTV_uBloom Leatherleaf Contest Winners_cornucopia

Announcing our FERN-TASTIC JTV/uBloom Leatherleaf Contest Winners!

Announcing our FERN-TASTIC JTV_uBloom Leatherleaf Contest Winners_cornucopia

Cornucopia by BJ Pitts

This JTV/uBloom Design Contest was all about Leatherleaf…the hardiness of it, the reliability of it, and the interesting & creative ways it can be used in design work. One of the “goals” of this contest was to get re-aquainted with this somewhat overlooked green…to explore the possibilities of it’s use in new ways…and yeah, to even make Leatherleaf “Cool” again. I, like many of you, were quite amazed at the incredibly unique ways the contestants used Leatherleaf in their project entries. Viewing those extraordinary designs really makes you see Leatherleaf in a whole new light – and now, thanks to our uBloom contestants, we have some great Leatherleaf inspiration to use in our own designs…at home or in the shop. So, I do believe we accomplished our goal…Leatherleaf IS cool again, thanks to some VERY inventive uBloomers!

Panel of Judges

Judging our Grand Prize winning design were: J Schwanke, David Register of FernTrust, and freelance marketing consultant, Janna Neetz. Our judges privately awarded each of the 10 design entries a numbered score, based on a scale of 1 to 10 (with number 1 being best)…then afterwards, the votes were tallied and our winner was the one with the LEAST amount of points.

NOW, for our WINNERS…drum roll please…

The Judge’s choice for the Grand Prize Winning Entry IS…

CORNUCOPIA designed by BJ Pitts! BJ did an outstanding job on her seasonally appropriate design. Using leatherleaf to create the “horn of plenty” for her cornucopia project, BJ really used the fern in a creative but saleable way. Her leatherleaf version of the traditional cornucopia is something that florists could design in their shops for a new twist on a Fall favorite. BJ’s Cornucopia is truly inspiring and drew quite a positive response from fellow uBloomers. Congratulations on your BIG win BJ!

BJ will be receiving a 12 month Treasure Trove of products from FernTrust, our fabulous design contest sponsor.

The next award, the People’s Choice award, is chosen by our uBloom Community Members. Each uBloomer got to vote for the design they liked the best. The design with the most votes determined the winner.

Our People’s Choice Award Winner IS…

Once again… CORNUCOPIA by BJ Pitts! WOW! This is the very first time ever that a uBloomer has received both the Grand Prize and the People’s Choice Award for a design entered into a JTV/uBloom Design Contest! Obviously, our uBloom Community Members agreed with our panel of judges in thinking Cornucopia was the stand out favorite! Several other of BJ’s designs won earlier in this contest as well…Gentle Greens & Hunter’s Hunk of Cake.

BJ will be receiving a delightful Prize Package of JTV/uBloom goodies…

  • Seasons 1-2-3 of JTV on DVD
  • The Christmas Tree DVD
  • The Design Master DVD
  • J’s Flower Design Book

BIG Congratulations to BJ Pitts for BOTH of her wins! Special thanks to FernTrust, our Leatherleaf Design Contest sponsor. Please be sure and visit the FernTrust website to check out all their fabulous foliages! You can TRUST FernTrust foliages to be fern-tastic every time!