Holiday Inspiration & Competition…on uBloom’s Facebook Page!

uBloom's Facebook "Like" My Christmas Tree Contest entry by Cyndi Israel

If you still haven’t been by uBloom’s Facebook Page to check out all of the INCREDIBLE Christmas Tree Photos entered into the “LIKE” My Christmas Tree Contest , then YOU are MISSING out on viewing some SERIOUS HOLIDAY EYE CANDY!!!

Our “Like” My Christmas Tree Contest been extraordinarily successful…we have over 65 entries so far, AND we’ve nearly DOUBLED our FB Fans since the contest began on Thanksgiving Day! But, the REALLY exciting part of this competition is seeing all the sensational Christmas tree decor…traditional, contemporary, whimsical, woodsy, even tropical…designed by uBloom Facebook “Fans” both Old and New! LOTS of holiday inspiration and FUN for everyone who LOVES Christmas!

So, for today’s Photo Friday, why not head on over to our Official Facebook Page and take a minute to drool over all the fabulously festive Christmas Tree contest entries …I guarantee you’ll be hearing the “Hallelujah” Chorus in your head while you view them!