Holiday Houseplants

Written by Chris Campbell

Most of us have holiday traditions. Some are handed down from generation to generation. Families and groups of friends create other traditions as they decorate homes and plan celebrations. Holiday houseplants are one of those traditions.


We typically think of Poinsettias as “the Christmas flower.” Campbell’s Nurseries planted this year’s crop of poinsettias in July! Colors range from the traditional red, white and pink to burgundy, corals, salmons and mixed blooms. But there are other flowering and decorative plants to remember. Each can stand-alone or be decorated for the season.


Bromeliads are exotic tropical plants that are guaranteed to attract attention. Their brightly colored bloom rises up from cupped leaves that form a water reservoir. Each bromeliad has unique shape and color.


Cyclamen are a bright flowering addition to any home or work area. The colorful blossoms twist and turn in butterfly-like fashion. This tuberous plant will bloom for several months if cared for properly. Setting your cyclamen in a decorative pot or amidst evergreen branches makes a great centerpiece.
Holly is a traditional Christmas accent. The evergreen leaves with red berries give a festive look during the season.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus is a favorite for many of us. These tropical cacti are often given as gifts or handed down to family members and friends. Their bright exotic blooms return annually, if the plant is properly maintained.

Norfolk Island Pines

Norfolk Island Pines are a favorite year-round evergreen. Its stately shape and soft needles make it a perfect tabletop tree that can stand alone or be decorated with light-weight ornaments, lights, ribbon and other festive items. After Christmas the Norfolk Island Pine can be “undressed” and enjoyed as a houseplant.


Orchids add variety to holiday decorating. These along with other flowering and non-flowering plants at each of our Garden Centers can be given as gifts or combined with greens and other seasonal items in an arrangement.


Other ideas for decorating your home this holiday season are topiaries – lemon cypress, English ivy, or wire vine. You can also use common herbs in decorative pots, such as lavender, rosemary, thyme or basil. Set a “series” of Sansevierias or other interesting houseplants in simple black or red pots down the center of your table. This is a simple, elegant way to add some cheer to your dining room table or buffet.