Happy Valentine’s Day!

stock "heart" flower

Millions of ravishing Roses (especially Red) and hundreds of thousands of other varieties of flowers are being exchanged today as an expression of Love, Commitment, Romance, and Passion between lovers, along with deep affection & admiration between family and friends…what a Glorious Day this is indeed! Flowers have the amazing ability to help us express our feelings to one another in a beautiful, colorful, delicate, and often times deliciously fragrant way. Whether it’s just one or one hundred and one roses, flowers have the unique quality of making the person receiving them feel special (and the person giving them feel like a hero).

Many of you have been very busy working non-stop for the past 36 hours to provide gorgeous arrangements that will turn people’s loving and romantic feelings into FLOWERS! Although you never get to see the smiles, tears, and gasps that your designs will elicit…you continue to diligently work despite sore, thorn pricked fingers and aching backs & feet to make sure that each one of your customers has a floral gift that will last & be remembered for a long, long time. YOU are our Valentine’s Day Heroes! Thank you so much for all you do to make this day special for so many!

So, on this most floralicious of days, I want to wish each of YOU, our wonderful uBloom Community members, a LOVE and FLOWER FILLED Happy Valentine’s Day!