uBloom’s PROM-enade of Prom Fashions!

Prom Boutonniere by Lisa Luck

Ready or not, here comes PROM season, and it’s approaching FAST! If you are in need of a little PROM pick-me-up…then look NO further! J has ALL things PROM covered…the TRENDIEST Designs, the HOTTEST Bling, and the EASIEST Mechanics…all for YOU!

J has devoted the latest two JTV webisodes to PROM…sharing with us the cutting edge accessories from Fitz Designs! Learn how to Create Incredible Prom Flower Jewelry …using J’s proven cold glue techniques. J shows you the basics for designing exciting Prom flowers using Fitz jewelry and shares simple, yet effective prom-otional techniques that you can implement NOW for MORE Prom Sales!

Take your Prom Fashions from average to AWESOME! You CAN DO IT with J’s help! Kick it up a notch and take your designs over the top with JTV’s Creating Prom Fashions that WOW! You will also be able to Pump up your Prom Sales with MORE of J’s marketing ideas!

Get serious…and get IT ALL with J’s NEW Flowers To Wear DVD now available in the uBloom Shop! J shares professional tips, tricks, and techniques for creating fashionable bouts, corsages, flower jewelry and MORE! LOTS of step-by-step instruction from J so YOU can create BEAUTIFUL flower fashions with confidence! GREAT training tool for florists and floral students!

Not a floral pro but have teens, grand-children, nieces, nephews, etc….who are attending prom this year? Then YOU will benefit from J’s videos as well! Get wonderful ideas and information on Fitz accessories, prom flower styles, and trendy designs that you can ask your local florist about! Get ‘hip’ to what’s HOT in prom fashion! J gives you the tools….and your local florist can make prom dreams come true!


  1. monsherryflowers May 17, 2013 at 2:53 am

    is there any videos on corsage design??? kind of disappointed

    • J Schwanke May 17, 2013 at 10:00 am

      Lots and lots of videos about Corsage (and Boutonniere) Design… in our uBloom Archives Sherry…
      Here’s a Link to the uBloom Archive… there are over 400 Videos here… on all sorts of different projects… And Corsage Design from Basic to Advanced… Gluing Flowers and Much More
      http://ubloom.com/flowers/video/… The Corsage Videos are Under JTV!!!
      OR… you can purchase ALL Our Prom Videos on the Fantastic Flowers to Wear DVD… in the uBloom Store…
      Lots to Choose From … Hope this helps!!!

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