Lane DeVries CA Flower Farmer from The Sun Valley Group Soil Grown Tulips

“It Happens” at Sun Valley!

Lane DeVries CA Flower Farmer from The Sun Valley Group Soil Grown Tulips

This week on the CA Grown Experience on uBloom we visit The Sun Valley Group in Arcata California. One of the Northern Most Flower Growing Operations in the State of California. There’s a wonderful romantic Holiday tune… “It happened in Sun Valley”… that speaks of a wonderful chance meeting of two young skiers that “slipped and fell in love”… Well Our Visit to The Sun Valley Group was not by Chance…. and there were no slips or spills but me and the JTV Crew certainly Fell in Love with this Amazing Flower Farm and the people at Sun Valley that Make it all Happen!

Our Trip to Arcata was eventful … seems that the Spring Mudslides had wiped out the most direct path to Arcata so we had to go the LONG Way… Thank goodness our wonderful Friend (and uBloom Spotlight Interview) Barbara Schnur had given us pointers about the winding roads and length of time it would take to get us to Arcata. It was still FUN seeing the scenery and winding our uBloom Caravan through the Redwood Forests…

Tina Uhl and J Schwanke at Sun Valley Group in Arcata with Don Garibaldi Violets from Ano Nuevo

We arrived safe and sound and started Early! It was great to finally Meet (Live and In Person) Tina Uhl… who helped with coordination of our trip and greeted us with Steaming Coffee and Pastries… I brought Violets from Ano Nuevo Nurseries and Don Garibaldi… (I Mean what DO YOU Bring to a Lady that is surrounded by Award winning flowers everyday?)

Lane DeVries Passionate Dedicated Owner of Sun Valley Group and California Flower Farmer
Our tour was hosted by one of my Flower Industry Heros… Lane DeVries, owner of Sun Valley! You notice immediately… the second you meet… that there is something Special about this Flower Farmer… Lane’s passion, integrity and pure physical drive are undeniable! This is a man that Loves to Grow Flowers… and is DRIVEN to provide the Very Best Flowers… ALWAYS!

The JTV Crew stops in amazement to photograph thousands of soil grown tulips

The JTV Crew was amazed by the sheer number of tulips growing in production… literally 100’s of Thousands…

J prepares the interview questions as Keith Golinski lines up the shot

And how Sun Valley leverages the science of heating and cooling to provide tulips year round for the flower industry …

J gets a personal tour of the Sun Valley Group from Lane DeVries

It’s an astounding process… and YOU can take the tour with Lane and myself this week on the CA Grown Experience! This week’s CA Grown Visit graphically shows the dedication and attention to detail that Sun Valley employs to deliver and maintain the Best Quality Soil Grown Tulips in the World!

Stacks to the ceiling of tulips being prepared for thier personal season at Sun Valley Group

The Coolers are stacked to the ceiling with tulips bulbs… readying themselves to “burst into bloom” when Sun Valley pulls the trigger for their own personal blooming cycle…

Thousands of Soil Grown Sun Valley Tulips heading to market Upright in Water, the only way to Travel

It doesn’t stop with growing either… Sun Valley’s attention to geotropic nature of tulips led them to develop the BEST Packaging and Specific Delivery methods to insure the Quality remains intact from Field to Consumer!

Craft Paper Wrapped Soil Grown Sun Valley Tulips heading home to Happy Flower Buyers

Kelly and I both “fell” for these wonderful Soil Grown Sun Valley Tulips wrapped in Craft Paper… a Delightful Local Grown-Eco Type Packaging… It’s amazing how long these Sun Valley Soil Grown Tulips last… check out this Video from our Last JTV production!

Sun Valley Field Grown Iris budding in the Arcata Morning Sun

Although we spent a great deal of time focused on Tulips… Sun Valley’s dedication continues with a wide variety of Bulb Crops… including Lilies, Hyacinth, and field grown Iris….

One of the Distinctive “Secrets” to Sun Valley’s Success is the Soil… High Atop an actual “Mountain” of “Humboldt Gold”… (the unique fibrous, naturally compost rich dirt”…. Lane and I discussed the Unique Geography and climate of Arcata that provides the optimum elements for Sun Valley Premium Quality Flowers!

High Atop a Mountain of Humbolt Gold, Sun Valleys Secret Soil Mixture for Premium Tulips

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