photo of Eucalyptus Fields at Continental Watsonville

Green it up with Continental Floral Greens on the CA Grown Experience!

photo of Eucalyptus Fields at Continental Watsonville

This week marks our Visit to a CA Flower Farm that deals (nearly) exclusively in Greens . Foliage Farmers provide a unique perspective on the CA Grown Experience on uBloom. The Challenges are similar and the Results are Inspiring!

photo of Continental Floral Greens Farm landscape

Imagine the Texture, interest and (even) Fragrance you add to your Flower Arrangements with Foliage! Continental Floral Greens provided what is probably one of the most breathtaking interview locations… An Early April Morning as the Sun was rising over the mountains… pouring light on the valley in Watsonville with the cool breeze sharing the smell of Eucalyptus growing… it was a lifetime Experience!

photo of JTV crew filming Jim Everett at Continental Floral Greens in Watsonville CA

We were greeted by the Everetts… Jim and his Daughter Jennifer for a tour of the Continental Foliage Farm . Jen’s dog “SHINER” also joined us and made sure that we were “APPROVED” strangers… to be allowed to tour the Farm with our Camera Equipment, Clipboards and Boom Mics…

Shiner and friend were attentive as Jim Everett shared his Favorite Stories and experiences of being a Foliage Farmer… Not only in CA but Texas, Florida, Washing, Mexico and Guatemala. Wherever there are Greens to be Grown… Continental takes up shop to make it happen.

photo of Shiner and Pal keeping careful watch on the CA Grown Interview

All Florists are familiar with “TeePee” Foliage… Commodore or Emerald Leaf… all common names for different types of Palm Leaves we use so readily throughout the Flower Industry. Boxes and Boxes of Continental Brand Commodore are packaged, and distributed throughout the USA from the Continental Crew.

Continental Commodore Foliage heading to market

We set Jen up for her interview and Shiner made sure he approved of our Location in one of the Leather Leaf houses. One of the Most interesting facts about the Leatherleaf is that it’s grown in special houses without heat or cooling mechanisms. That means that Continental Floral Greens is completely dependent on the weather to insure a successful Crop.

Jennifer and Shiner get ready for the CA Grown Interview

Watching the CA Grown Visit to Continental … you’ll learn how Continental has adapted different methods of growing Leatherleaf… to obtain different and consistent attributes for their customers! It’s Fascinating to see a “oh so” common foliage growing in the fields of California!

Star Aspargus Foliage Growing at Continental Floral Greens

Continental is famous for their Star Springerei Production … a ‘fluffy, trailing Springerei that is completely thornless… that’s a HUGE benefit to Wedding and Event Designers Everywhere…

Skeletonized Hydrangea Flower at Continental Floral Greens

Continental also provides a few NON-Foliage Crops as well… the Hydrangea plants were getting getting ready when we were there in April… (BY Now they are in full swing… ) and it was interesting to see the plants growing… and also an Occasional skeletonized Hydrangea blossom… I think there might be a market for these too… they were delicate, textural and very interesting…

A Tree Frog makes himself at Home in the Hydrangea at Continental Floral Greens

It seems that even the LOCALs were fond of those Hydrangea blossoms… and the cool, dew drenched morning.

Foxtail Fern Production at Continental Floral Greens in Watsonville CA

Jen and I, Both share a passion for Foxtail Fern… it’s my favorite foliage… it’s Shape… unique texture and stunning chartreuse green color impact any flower arrangement!

One Continental Floral Greens signature crop is the LONG Trailing Ivy… this unique growing method allows for trailers that can extend beyond 6 linear feet… Again a Wedding and Event Planners Dream…

Long Trailing Ivy growing in the Ground at Continental Floral Greens

Jenn treated us to a few fresh Strawberries… fresh from the field… Now I have to admit… I’m not a strawberry fan… but THESE were Fresh Strawberries… and that made all the difference in the world. I am Now a Fan of Fresh Local Grown Strawberries… I guess it’s the exact same way we have become fans of the FRESH LOCAL CA Grown Flowers and FOLIAGE grown by our CA Flower Farmers.

Check out the CA Grown Experience Visit to Continental Floral Greens this week on to see where your CA Grown Foliage comes from… and don’t forget you can watch in HD and FULL Screen… on (even on your iphone, ipad or blackberry)… you can also embed any of the CA Grown Episodes on your website to share with your Friends, Fans or Customers… to let them know where YOUR Flowers come from!

Introducing Shiner The Foliage Farm Dog at Continental Floral Greens

Thanks for the TOUR Shiner… Keep a watchful eye on all those Continental Floral Greens !!!