Are there any tricks to using fresh flower foam?- Flowers 101

Selecting the right TYPE of foam

Many fresh flower foams offer several different consistencies of foam usually referred to as:

  • Standard: For any flowers, saturation time (about 1 minute) and density are average.
  • Deluxe: For heavier stemmed flowers, saturation time is longer (about 1 ½ minutes) and density is stronger.
  • Instant: For more fragile stemmed flowers, saturation time is faster (about 45 seconds) and density is softer.
  • Instant Deluxe: For heavier stemmed flowers, saturation time is faster (about 60 seconds) and density is stronger.

Selecting the shape of foam

Fresh flower foam comes in a wide variety of shapes for specific projects. Spheres, cones, bricks, large bricks, half spheres, cylinders, and assorted wreaths, crosses and hearts.
Beveling the edges of the foam: By using a foam knife, create a beveled edge by trimming away a 45-degree angle of the foam at the top edge. This allows placement of the stems to be consistent with the shape of the foam and helps to create a rounder arrangement.

Taping the foam

Use waterproof tape to secure the foam into place and allow more room for a water reservoir in the container. Encircling the foam shape with waterproof tape can also reinforce the foam (make it look similar to the stripes on a basketball).

Placing the flowers into the foam

Always cut the stems at a sharp 45-degree angle and place into the foam at an approximate depth of ½ the depth of the foam. Making sure NOT to pull up on the stem after it is placed. Never use the same hole when re-inserting a stem into fresh flower foam. This will trap air in the hole and prevent water from being absorbed by the flower. Create a new hole every time you insert a new stem.