How do I get the water in the foam? [Video] – Flowers 101

The best way is fill a large receptacle (a bucket, a kitchen sink, a bathtub) with flower nutrient water then place the fresh flower foam (holes down) on top of the water and allow the water to naturally soak into the foam. This method is called float soaking: allowing the foam to float upon the water as the cells of the foam are naturally filled with water. This process takes about a minute with a normal brick of fresh flower foam. It is not necessary for the foam to soak for any period of time after the water has soaked into the foam. Once the entire brick is soaked it is ready to design. It is always best to float soak the foam rather than placing it in the container and adding water to the container.
NEVER push the foam under the water. Some believe this will hurry the process, but in all actuality, it allows water to rush in from all sides of the foam and TRAP air in the middle of the foam. This is very unseemly when the flower stems are placed into the foam and the end of the stem comes in contact with the dry foam cells. The flower has no water to absorb and it will die.