I want to give my flowers as a present. Any ideas?- Flowers 101

Everyone loves flowers and when you can say you were personally involved in making the selection of flowers or picking out the colors it is even better. Imagine giving the gift of flowers to a friend who has a creative touch and allowing them the FUN of designing the flowers in a vase for their home. In Europe flowers are a part of everyday life. One would never go to someone’s home WITHOUT bringing flowers! Flowers make everyone happy. No one can look at a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers and not feel refreshed, excited and relaxed.

When giving flowers as a present, decide what the message is that you want to portray. For a stressful time you may want to send an arrangement that is already designed and ready to display. For someone that is creative, or as a housewarming gift, you may want to give loose flowers that can be arranged by the recipient. Another fun opportunity is for you to create something special and give that as a personalized gift.

Whether you select fresh flowers yourself or send them from a professional florist or flower seller, flowers are FUN and add so much to our lives!