What flowers should I get?- Flowers 101

Many flowers in today’s markets are bred to be long lasting, while others are bred for specific size, color or fragrance. The hottest trend in flowers today is fragrance. While fragrant flowers do not typically last as long as non-fragrant flowers, the smell of fresh flowers is intoxicating. Freesia, hyacinth, Oriental lilies, some roses and even carnations carry pleasant fragrances.

As for long lasting flowers, chrysanthemums, (both standard and miniature, sometimes known as pompons) Star of Bethlehem, carnations, gladiolus and tropical flowers are extremely long lasting.

Other flowers are interactive, although not as long lasting, they can be fun to watch open or blossom. For example, tulips open and close and continue to grow after being cut. The flowers will grow toward the light, and the tulip blossoms will open during the day and close at night.

Still other flowers can be chosen for specific color. For example, Florigene® Carnations have been genetically altered to match the violet’s intense purple coloration, while Rainbow Roses® from Happy Colors® in Holland have been color enhanced with a systemic dye to make each petal a different color.

The choice is up to you and based on your taste! All flowers are FUN so experiment to find out more about a particular variety!