Where do flowers come from?- Flowers 101

Flowers come from all over the world. Many types of flowers are grown in the USA. The most beautiful roses, lilies, iris, gerbera and other amazing flowers come from California. They can be shipped in water to destinations in the USA, allowing them to be particularly fresh and last a very long time. Roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, alstroemaria, and other specialty flowers come from Central and South America, for example many large-headed roses are grown in the mountains of Columbia and Ecuador. Those flowers are customarily shipped dry into various locations inside the US. The most popular location is Miami where the flowers are stored in large coolers and distributed to other cities via air cargo or refrigerated trucks. Still other unique varieties, such as tulips, hypericum, hyacinth and callas are available from the European market, specifically Holland where the flowers are purchased on the DUTCH Auction and then shipped all over the world. There are growing operations for commercial cut flowers all over the world with new ones cropping up every day. Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Russia and South Africa are all involved in commercial production of cut flowers that are sold in markets throughout the globe!

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