NeverWilt Gerbera Daisy Heart with Tennis Shoes

Saying what you FEEL with Flowers!

NeverWilt Gerbera Daisy Heart with Tennis Shoes

Personalized Flower Heart Tribute

This week on Fun with Flowers and J; I create a Flower Tribute with a Special Message! The Red Gerbera Never-wilt Heart form was the perfect backdrop for a Pair of RED Keds Tennis Shoes… My way of telling a story and “turning my Feelings into Flowers”. Flowers have the ability to say what we can’t (especially when it comes to “words”). Flowers are Emotionally Charged and relate Feelings better than Anything Else !

Creating Personalized Tribute Flowers adds Emotion and Heart-felt Feelings to very difficult times. When we can’t be present… or want to express a Very Special Message; Flowers allow a much Broader Palette … than the written word!

Emotional Messages sent through Flowers create memories that last a lifetime. Literally EVERY TIME I tie my shoes… I think about Ralph (the guy that taught me HOW some 45 years ago) Now I’ve over 50… and that’s ALOT of Shoe tying! Our behavior, the simple acts of Kindness we express everyday make emotional connections that Last a Lifetime!

Sharing our Feelings through Flowers… especially observing a Celebration of Life… enhances the Memory and becomes a Testimonial to our Emotions!

What are Flowers Saying to You (or FOR You) Today?