Black Roses from Esprit – A SPOOK-TACULAR Addition to Halloween Arrangements

Black Roses From Esprit Miami!

What is black as night, supple as velvet, and would be right at home in the arms of Bella as she walks down the aisle to marry her sparkly, undead lover, Edward, in the most anticipated nuptials since the Royal Wedding?  Why, it’s the  black (dyed) rose that is frighteningly PERFECT for the upcoming Halloween holiday!

Esprit Miami makes ‘em…using a Freedom rose and systemically dyeing them a navy blue, and the result is nothing short of SPOOK-TACULAR!

Black Roses are a Special Order item and must be ordered well ahead of time for the upcoming holiday.  Oh, can you just IMAGINE all the Halloween design possibilities with Black roses?   Lightly adorned with white cobwebs and spiders or used to accent a scary faced jack-o-lantern…the options in using Black  roses are only limited as your imagination!

Of course, these roses aren’t JUST for Halloween decor…Goth brides will LOVE them – as well as those who are hosting a black and white themed event like a 50th birthday bash!  Black roses will give you greater design opportunities than EVER before for many different occasions.  Contact your local supplier TODAY to order Black Roses from Esprit Miami!