Blue, Purple and Indigo Orchid Display

Blue Orchids… Love em? Or….

Blue, Purple and Indigo Orchid Display

When I was a little kid… it was Blue Carnations…  but today there is Color Enhanced Flower of a different “color”… well NOT really a different color… but different Variety!

The Blue Orchid! (also Indigo and Purple)…On one of my recent trips to the grocery store I ran into this Display… it’s certainly eye catching… and important to note… it was grabbing the attention of customers (and buyers) passing by the aisle! I watched one lady pick up two while I was snapping pictures.

Blue Dyed Phalenopsis Orchid Plant

A couple years ago… We featured the RAINBOW Phalenopsis Orchids created by Peter VanDeWerken of Happy Colors in Amsterdam on JTV! Peter created the Rainbow Roses that have been so popular… and he had developed a way to do it with all kinds of flowers including orchids!

Purple Dyed Phalenopsis Orchid Plant

Now the Orchid Plants themselves can have this top secret “coloring” applied to them… and they come in a wide variety of colors. What is So fascinating to me… is how Popular the BLUE Orchids are with Young Flower Buyers… and “BLUE” Color Lovers… Lee Eisemann Pantone Color Guru tells us that people that love BLUE are more accepting of Man-Made Blue Flowers… because they Adore Blue… and they can look beyond the “dying process” because they are so FOND of the color Blue!

Indigo Dyed Phalenopsis Orchid Plant

In Fact over 35% of the General Public Loves BLUE… making it the most popular of ANY color! Lee also shared that Purple and Indigo are runners up for being the Color of the Year for 2012! Since there are so few flowers that come in INDIGO… the Blue Orchid could become even more POPULAR in the year to come!

I love EVERY Flower… there isn’t one I won’t try … and there’s Something for everyone! But I’m interested… what do you think? Blue Orchids Love ‘em or ????



  1. queennbm October 10, 2011 at 10:36 am

    I absolutely love blue things! But NOT the blue dyed Phal. I’m not anti tinted flowers generally, but these just look weird. Although, the indigo are better than the lighter blue….. imo.

  2. frannebo October 31, 2011 at 9:50 am

    I always have clients asking for blue flowers and Orchids are available year round. I like the Dendrobiums and will use them again.

    At the end of September I had a bride ask for blue arrangements and tropical. I used blue Dendrobiums, ivory roses and blue hydrangeas. They looked amazing. The bride and her guests loved them. I will use them again.

    Wish my suppler had the blue Phalenopsis and will ask for them the next time.

  3. monicam January 25, 2012 at 3:14 pm

    I can see how they might be popular. I found them in the grocery store too. I’m just not a fan. Of course, I don’t like blue carnations either (even though I will paint them when people insist)! I would use them if a customer specifically asked for them. They just look fake to me.

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