Promote your CA Grown Flowers for FREE with this NIFTY Promotion!

HOW To Promote CA GROWN in your Store: Easy (and FREE)!

Promote your CA Grown Flowers for FREE with this NIFTY Promotion!

Want to ADD a Professional VIDEO to your Facebook Page, Website or BLOG  about the  Flowers you carry?

Promote your LOCAL Flowers to your Customers … and support the LOCAL Grown Movement?  It’s SIMPLE… and It will look just like this…

Best NEWS… It’s FREE… Here’s an Easy way to Promote LOCAL CA Grown Flowers to your Customers VIA Facebook, Your BLOG or on your Own Website! And You can do it in just THREE or FOUR Clicks of your computer mouse…

Here’s How: If you Stock or Carry Flowers from ANY of these LOCAL CA Flower Farms…

B&H Flowers
Schubert Nursery
Ocean View Flowers
Eufloria Flowers (Roses, Spray Roses, Stephanotis)
Mellano & Company (Myrtle, Eucalyptus, Sun Flowers)
KB Farms
Sun Valley Group (Lilies, Matsumo Asters)
Ocean Breeze
Resendiz Brothers (FALL)
Green Valley Floral (Roses, Gerbera, Lilies)
Resendiz Brothers (SPRING)
Green Valley Floral (David Austin Roses)
Sun Valley Group (Tulips, Iris)
Continental Floral Greens
Kendall Farms
Westerlay Orchids
Schubert Nursery (Topiary)
Mellano & Co (Ranunculas)

Use these Links to Visit the FREE CA Grown Video about their Farms. The Videos feature these Farms and Flowers… and show the Care and Passion with which the flowers are grown…

You’ll see TWO Buttons in the RIGHT Corner of the VIDEO… ONE to Share… and ONE to Embed…

Vimeo Screen Showing SHARE and EMBED Buttons in RIGHT CORNER!

Share allows you share the LINK for this Video on your Facebook Page… or use the embed code and EMBED the video directly on your site or Blog…

Click on Embed to Display EMBED Code and EMBED on your Blog or Website!

It’s A great Way to PROMOTE Your Business… and share the LOCAL CA GROWN Story with your customers…  It’s an EASY (and FREE) way to Connect to the LOCAL Grown Movement!

Did I mention it was FREE???