10 Ways CA Grown Flowers Help Everyone!

10 Reasons CA Grown Flowers Help Everyone!

10 Ways CA Grown Flowers Help Everyone!

With the Conclusion of the CA Grown Experience on uBloom this week… It made me think about how this Amazing Documentary Series changed the way I think about Flowers.

I love all Kinds of Flowers… from all over the World… it’s not just about CA Grown Flowers… My Passion for Flowers runs way deeper than that! Blooms, Buds, Bulbs, Bedding Plants and Flower Vases… it’s All  Wonderful and makes my heart race!

To be clear… THE CA Grown Experience Changed the WAY I think about Flowers! In the Last episode I talk about what this experience meant to me! In turn it made me realize that CA Grown Flowers HELP EVERYONE!!! Here’s how…

1. LEAD with LOCAL Grown Flowers…  Today’s Flower Buyer is just as interested to Know where their Flowers come from… It’s the same as the FOOD they Eat… or the Clothes they Buy! The Local Movement is REAL… and YOU can LEAD with CA Grown Flowers…Helping your Customers find A LOCAL Resource for Flowers!

2. FLOWERS enhance One Another… I can’t tell you how many flower brokers, flower growers and flower designers have told me that CA Grown Flowers Make the other Flowers from around the World LOOK GREAT…  The Textures, Colors and Forms… combine to create really wonderful Combinations… that are JAW Dropping…  CA Grown Flowers Make Other Flowers Look Beautiful!

3. People LOVE a STORY…  Flower Fans LOVE a Story… they want to know where the Flowers Come From… How they are Grown… they want to KNOW the Farmer… and relate to the story… You can Share those stories… FOR FREE… on your website, blog or Facebook page…  A Flower is much more Romantic when you see the Farm it grew on… it’s more Personal when you Know the Farmer… and it’s more VALUABLE when YOU have a Story to Tell!

4. PASSION produces Beauty! This one is unexpected… I never thought the Flowers were Grown with the Same Exuberance and unbridled Passion… as we design them with! We talk about the Passion for Flower Design… but let’s be CLEAR… Flower Farmers Embrace the Same Passion… and they LOVE Growing Beautiful Flowers!

5. EVERYONE has Access to CA Grown FLOWERS! We featured AMAZING Flower Brokers… during the CA Grown Experience that specialize in CA Grown Flowers… these Flower Sellers can get you “just about anything” overnight… Anywhere in the Country! All you have to do is Call and ASK!

6. CA Grown is America’s LOCAL Choice! I had numerous questions about this… Many people think local is your Neighborhood or Backyard… and there are great LOCAL regional Growers that produce amazing product. We have Local Dahlia and Gladiolus Growers here in Michigan… but California provides YEAR ROUND Flowers… it’s the perfect Growing Climate for Flowers… thus AMERICA’s Year-round Local Choice is CA GROWN!

7. CLOSER Means FRESHER and BETTER QUALITY! When a Flower doesn’t have to be packed into a box for a couple days… or Can Travel in Water AND by Refrigerated Truck… the Flowers are FRESHER… Hydrated and Less Damage can occur from Packaging…  There’s a Lower Carbon Footprint… and you Save Time Hydrating, Processing and opening… It’s about being CLOSER to the Source!

8. 1000′s of Jobs! This rings especially LOUD and CLEAR to me… being from Michigan! In a report on last night’s News… it’s Unclear WHEN Michigan will (if ever) recover in the job market. The Flower Industry in California provides 1000′s of Jobs to people from all economic levels… CA Grown Flowers and Flower Farmers create Jobs for our Country!

9. Variety is the SPICE of CA GROWN! California has so many micro-climates. It’s a Big State and the Diversity of the Flower Farms produces just about Anything you Imagine… From Tulips (year Round)… to Ochids… To Protea... To Garden Roses…. Gardenias, Waxflower, the List just goes on and on…  A Call to the Flower Brokers we featured… will give you an idea of the Variety that is available!

10. Flowers Make People Happy! Have you ever heard someone say… (after receiving Flowers)… “You Just Ruined my Day!” It’s laughable… Flowers Improve our Lives… Studies Prove that Flowers Increase Memories, Encourage Wellness, Stop Negativity, Reduce Arguing, Encourage Creativity…  That’s the BEST Benefit of All!

It’s Important that WE ASK… when Brokering for Flowers… when Buying Flowers… when choosing Flowers… ASK where the Flowers come from… it makes a difference in the LIFE of the Flowers… the LIFE of the Farms… and the LIFE of the Families!

CA Grown Flowers HELP Everyone!

J Schwanke, Host of CA Grown Experience, The Flower Expert and CEO of uBloom!

J Schwanke is the Host of the CA Grown Experience on uBloom. The Flower Expert and CEO of uBloom.com. You can Watch the entire CA Grown Series on VIMEO.com (Search Key Word ‘uBloom’… the 30 Video Series can be Linked or Embedded from Vimeo. Watch more FUN with FLOWERS and J Videos on uBloom.com!