Ask J about Flowers!

We all have questions… and when I’m visiting other cities… I love the chance to talk to fellow Flower Lovers! So often they have the best Questions… and we have great discussions!

So… I Found this great Website… it’s a Place where you can type in your Questions and I can record a video response! It saves the questions in an archive so they become a great Resource!

It’s a Great way for me to share my years of flower experience about Flowers, Care and Handling, Design, Business, Display and much more!

So… Type your Question into the player and send me a question and send you an Answer!!!

Everything Flowers at!

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  1. J Schwanke November 18, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    Great Question… and although this is quite natural… it can be pretty distracting with those little WHITE Blossoms popping up… in a Very Colorful Bouquet…
    Here’s what I do… I get out my trusty paint brush (a Q-tip or Pipe Cleaner will also work VERY NICELY)… and the Purple Pansy Just for Flowers…
    I spray it into the CAP of the Can… and then dab the blossoms with the JUST FOR FLOWERS!
    It provided a natural coloration and because I am applying it each flower it doesn’t go on anything else… It takes a bit of time… but it’s the Perfect solution for those Pesky White Blossoms… Thanks for the question!!!

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