It’s Photo Friday! Top Tip for Terrific Texture!

Color and Texture are critical elements every flower pro needs to “nail” for a well designed floral arrangement.  Texture has become an even more important design “trend” over the last couple of years and continues to dominate floral designs of every genre.

Club uBloom Member, Gail Vander Laan, owner of GVL Floral in Belmont, MI has been creating florals for her bridal clients for over 25 years and knows a thing or two about incorporating texture and interest into her designs.

In the photo above (which is posted on her Profile Page), Gail used Cockscomb Celosia for incredible color, texture, and visual interest.  Although Cockscomb isn’t used as often as other florals in bridal bouquets (I don’t know why, it’s striking), Gail uses it with flair and the look is bold with fantastic visual and textural value.  The colorful, ruffled appearance of the Cockscomb visually breaks up the ivory/chiffon hued roses and provides an interesting backdrop for the sexy Callas.  The pale peach Hypericum Berries are simply yummy.

Some designers are afraid of using Cockscomb because of it’s unusual appearance…but as you can see, when it’s used correctly in a design, it makes the entire arrangement a show-stopper!  It’s a Top Tip for Terrific Texture!

I hope you are inspired (by Gail’s use of Cockscomb in her bouquet) to perhaps try and incorporate it in one of your own designs.  This celosia comes in a rainbow of bright colors and of course, the texture is unbeatable.

Thanks Gail for posting your amazing bridal bouquet for us to enjoy!