Chilis Roses from Esprit Miami... Tangerine Tango!!

Tangerine Tango… What Do you Think J?

Chilis Roses from Esprit Miami... Tangerine Tango!!

I got an email from my friend Katie Hendrick over at Floral Management asking a few questions about the Pantone Color of the Year… and how that affects the Flower Industry… and what Flowers might be most popular in the coming year…   Here’s My Response!

You KNOW the Flower Industry has the Luxury of Reacting to Trends… more than Setting them… I know we like to think “ WE Set the TRENDS”… but the truth is that the Flower Industry Reacts to Popular Culture and Trend Colors!

As you know… right now… SAFFLOWER (Yellow) MERMAID (Aqua) and HONEYSUCKLE (Pink) Bridesmaid dresses are Popular… and YELLOW is a great interior Color… AQUA is moving into Cars… and PINK was all the RAGE for PROM… those were trends that were started by the colors of the years in 2011, 2010, and 2009… and we are enjoying them with Flowers today!

Fashion is FiRST when it come to trends… so as Flower Artists we will react to TANGERINE TANGO most likely in Prom and Wedding… Orange is the Color of Change…and that is what is happening right now in our world CHANGE!

I am sure we will see more Orange Dresses… and even more next year… PINK is Not going away… and right now the Flower Industry is POISED for ATTACK…

We have more PINK and ORANGE Flowers than any other… and PINK and ORANGE Look great together…. Analogous Colors that make people Feel Friendly and Happy!

I think that People that want to be Classic and Timeless will choose Orange Flowers to go with Tangerine Tango… (Monochromatic)

People that want to be HAPPY, Friendly and CASUAL will choose PINK, RED and YELLOW To go with Tangerine Tango … (Analogous)

And People that want to Cause Excitement will choose BLUE (and even AQUA) To COMPLIMENT Tangerine Tango…

We have incredible options…in the world of Flowers… The TREND will lead us… and All we have to do is FOLLOW… Color wheel in hand… to create the necessary Emotion for the Particular Event!

We Turn People’s Feelings into Flowers… and we do that with COLOR!!!!

Some of my favorite TANGERINE TANGO Flowers are:

Milva Roses from Eufloria Flowers
Jazzabelle Spray Roses from Eufloria Flowers
Chilies Roses from Esprit Miami
Tabasco Roses from Esprit Miami
Free Sprit Roses from Esprit Miami
Banksia Protea from Resendiz Brothers
Pin Cushion Protea from Resendiz Brothers
FIRE STARTER and MARIYO Gerberas from Sun Valley Group
Orange Soli Grown Tulips from Sun Valley Group
ON STAGE Lilies from Sun Valley Group
Symphony PUMPKIN Alstroemeria from Esmeralda Farms

What’s Your Favorite Tangerine Tango Flower or Combination coming up in 2012?