uBloom's Event's Expert Suzanne Smith

CUTE Valentine’s Day Story….

uBloom’s Events Expert, Suzanne Smith of Suzanne M. Smith Designs in Huntington Beach, CA shared this fun little story about an unexpected encounter she had on V-Day.

How cute is this!! I just had someone ring my door bell and when I answered there stood a nervous young man asking if he could pluck a flower for his girlfriend from my garden. I giggled and asked him if he would like a rose. He said that would be great, so instead of going out and plucking one, I told him to hang on a minute.  I came back from my studio with one perfect Hot Pink Long stem rose for him to give to her. He didnt know that he had just knocked on a floral designer’s door! LOL!  The look on his face was priceless. It’s flower power in action! He asked for my card and left with a HUGE smile on his face and a fun story to tell his girl!

Do YOU have a fun flower story to share?  We would LOVE to hear it!  Feel free to send me YOUR flower power stories…Email me at lisaluck71@yahoo.com and I will be sure to post them right here in the uBloom Blog for everyone to enjoy!  Spread the flower love!