Symphony® Alstro... Easy and Inexpensive Event Design!

Inexpensive Event Work… Symphony® Alstro Solution!

Symphony® Alstro... Easy and Inexpensive Event Design!

We’ve gotten such great feedback on this Week’s FUN with Flowers and J Show… Featuring the NEW Symphony® Alstroemeria from Esmeralda Farm’s Breeding and BioTech Labs!

This Alstroemeria is specifically bred for a Wide Range of Color… Numerous Flowers PER Stem… frequently up to 12 Blossoms… and LARGE Size of Blossom! (about the Size of my PALM)…  It’s a Great Value on Long Sturdy Stems….

GIANT Blossoms, Vivid Color= More for your $$$ With Symphony® Alstro!

This week on Fun with Flowers and J… we use 2 Bunches of Symphony® in Lavender and Purple to create a STUNNING Special Event Centerpiece featuring 2 of my favorite accessories… Giant Deco Balls and the NEW Point & Party Acolyte Products…Allowing you to control your lighting by REMOTE Control!

Giant Deco Balls and Point & Party... Finish this EASY Event Display!

It’s an Inexpensive Flower… that’s Provides Great Color Impact and Longevity… paired with the Exquisite Lighting… you won’t want to miss the EASY and IMPRESSIVE Special Event Centerpiece! Members watch it now… or download this show for $2 and start your own library of GREAT EVENT Ideas!