Sun Valley IRIS... a Sure Sign of Spring!

SPRING… Happens at Sun Valley!!!!

Sun Valley IRIS... a Sure Sign of Spring!

Spring is just around the corner… and as I wake up this morning… Grand Rapids is covered in SNOW! But on uBloom’s FUN with Flowers and J… Spring is IN FULL BLOOM!

Thanks to Lane DeVries and the Amazing CA Flower Farmers at Sun Valley Flower Farms! IRIS, Tulips, Hyacinth, Freesia, and tons of other Amazing Flowers are under the magical spell of Sun Valley!

Lane and J at Sun Valley Iris Greenhouses in Arcata!

We Visited Sun Valley in Arcata CA on our Last Tour of the CA Grown Experience… and Lane has BULB Flowers figured out… Arcata has a Year Round temperature range of only 10 degrees.. (52–62)… now that may sound a bit chilly for July but it’s PERFECT for the World’s Finest Tulips, Iris and Bulb Stock…

Dormant Iris bulbs in a Specail Heated Environment

Pair that Temperature with “Humboldt Gold”… (NOT what you’re thinking…) “Humboldt Gold” is the Specific Soil rich in Nutrients that create the very BEST Soil Grown Tulips in the World…

See the “Humboldt Gold” on CA Grown’s Visit to Sun Valley on!

Add one more factor… the cooling system that Sun Valley perfected to “coax” tulips into blooming ALL YEAR LONG…and you have the MAGIC that Sun Valley Flower Farms!

Ginger Root and Mushroom Paired with Sun Valley IRIS

It’s Interesting to note that Sun Valley HEATS the Iris Bulbs… to cause dormancy… (opposite of Tulips)… It’s all part of the Magic that creates the Amazing IRIS that are the stars of this weeks FUN with Flowers and J Show! I took a few liberties “mixing mediums”… with the IRIS… we’ve got Flax, Foxtail Fern, Ginger Root and Mushrooms… it’s all good… and REMINDS me (despite the SNOW)… that SPRING is Closing in FAST!