APRIL 2012 NEWSLETTER: uBloom Recommends…

FUN with Flowers and J videos

How to Create a Submerged Flower and Wire Arrangement!

April 8, 2012

Derek Woodruff from the Floral Underground joins J to create his signature bouquet featuring submerged flowers, wire and armature. Derek shares his experience on LOGO TV’s reality Flower Show “The Arrangement” and his favorite secrets for creating Artistic Flower Arrangements.

How to Create Emoticon Mums!

April 1, 2012

Get “Tech Savvy” with Emoticons… and Chrysanthemums. J updates the time honored “Smile Face Mum” with today’s Emoticons. A Few Simple Steps and a Glue Gun will have you sharing <3,  ( ) and even ☺ with pipe cleaners and Yellow Standard Mums from Esprit Miami. A Fun Flower Project for Kids!

How to Create Concealed Water Supplies for your Hand Tied Wedding Bouquets!

March 25, 2012

J shares TWO Great Ideas for Concealing a Water Supply for Wedding Bouquets. Arrive Alive provides a 36 hour Water supply for Hand Tied Bouquets. J also shares how you can conceal the Gala Bouquet Holder with Faux Stems to create a Hand Tied Look for your bouquets.

The Flower Stand (J’s Blog)

The FUN with Flowers and J Set…Find out what’s Happening!

Caught on Tape…Bad Flower Practices…

You Bought Flowers…YAY!  Now What?

Club uBloom Blog

What can you learn from a bunch of Farm Retailers?

Did you know that YOU can contribute to the uBloom Blog?  Yep!  You can share your flower knowledge with thousands of other flower lovers and professionals…and GET NOTICED!

It’s easy…just write about what you know or have experienced…such as…1. Flower Tips,2. Marketing Tips, 3. Customer Service Ideas, 4. Mechanics Tricks, 5. Uplifting or Funny Flower Story, 6. Great ideas that you learned on uBloom or at one of J’s Workshops/Seminars and how you have used them in your shop, 7. Gardening Tips, 8. Flower Design & Trend Ideas or 9. Best Practices when dealing with Vendors….the list is endless!

After writing your article for uBloom…just send it to me, Lisa, uBloom’s Community Gardener at lisaluck71@yahoo.com.  I will look over your article for content (we need to make sure that the article is encouraging, helpful and maintains uBloom’s “best flower practices” standards.  We reserve the right to refuse publishing anything that we consider not in the best interest of uBloom Members & Guests.)  Don’t worry if you didn’t make “A’s” in grammar…I’ll edit the article if you like:)  And…PRESTO!  You will make the front page of the Club uBloom Blog!