The BEAUTIFUL Hinsdale Flower Shop

It’s Photo Friday! Flower Power on Display!

The BEAUTIFUL Hinsdale Flower Shop

We all know how important aethetics are when it comes to our floral business. I mean…we are FLORISTS…we better have the best looking shops around! We Florists are held to a very high standard when it comes to the exterior & interior design of our shops.

The exterior of florist shops should be an eye-catching “teaser” of what customers can find inside the store.  If we sport plain Jane, uninspired decor outside of our shops…what do we think customers will assume about our flower designs inside of our store?  Exterior decor should attract attention, stir excitement & expectation…and ultimately draw people inside!  Creating lush “landscapes” with plants, designing artistic window displays & making signs clearly/easily visible will draw foot traffic into the shop…something we ALL could use more of!

Hinsdale Flower Shop creates an exterior store display that is bursting with color and interest!  For anyone walking or driving past Hinsdale Flower Shop…they are treated to an incredible visual floral display of irresistable proportions! (see photo above)  How could you NOT be compelled to stop in and “smell the flowers” with all that yummy floral goodness on display?  Definately a traffic stopper for sure!

Take a fresh look at your shop’s exterior (or have a friend stop by and give a “customer’s point of view” observation) and get inspired by Hinsdale Flower Shop to do something fresh, fun and fabulous that will generate excitement & foot traffic at your biz!