2012 JUNE NEWSLETTER: uBloom Recommends

How do you choose from all the exciting flower FUN on uBloom?  Easy…check out our latest recommendations for the best of uBloom.com!

The Flower Stand:

Many designers name J as one of their favorite designers and floral educators.  But, WHO does J consider HIS favorite?  J spills the beans and names his Top Ten Favorite Flower Designers…and gives us a little background as to why he has chosen each of them.  Don’t miss this!

REAL Florist Elizabeth Crisp of Apple Creek Flowers in Woodstock, IL was invited by J to be a special guest blogger in The Flower Stand.  Her 6 part series on the “in’s and out’s” of the day-to-day operation of an independent brick and mortar florist has been eye opening and encouraging.  Be sure and read each inspiring post…you don’t want to miss anything!

Part 1: Hi I’m Elizabeth, and I’m a Florist

Part 2: Making Decisions

Part 3: Learn to Listen

Part 4: Making Flowers Personal

Part 5: Breaking up is Hard to Do!

FUN with Flowers and J

How to Plant a Fairy Garden

J explores a HOT New Trend… The Fairy Garden… sharing his favorite tips and tricks to creating a charming, welcoming garden… suitable for Fairies to populate. It’s a Fantastic Project for Kids… and Grownups alike!

How to create a Willow Bird Sculpture with Artist James Lutke!

Artist James Lutke joins J this week, sharing his Signature Willow Art and creating a Birch Swan Flower Vessel. James created the Peacocks and Dove that adorned Christmas Trees at the White House… and today he shares his Artistic Talent, Tips and Techniques!

uBloom Blog

It’s Photo Friday!  Flower Power on Display!

See how creative and attractive outside decor and displays can capture the eye of potential customers and bring in the foot traffic…and dollars!

Club uBloom Blog

Mom’s Favorites require some TLC

Gay Smith, uBloom’s Cut Flower Care and Handling Expert, has compiled an excellent post of tips & best practices for helping florists get the most life from their Mother’s Day Flowers.  This excellent article is not only for Mother’s Day…but for summer flower care as well.