Clematis Viticella

JUNE 2012 NEWSLETTER: Sponsor Spotlight…Roseville Farms


Clematis Viticella

Our generous sponsors help us help YOU to keep blooming here on!  So, from time to time we like to bring to your attention one of our sponsors and highlight their quality products.

One of the newest flower companies to join our Sponsor team is Roseville Farms, a grower/distributor of truly stunning Clematis…both plants and cut flowers.  Roseville Farms is located in Apopka, FL and is the LARGEST grower of Clematis in North America producing more than 5 million plants annually!

Focusing on the Clematis varieties that perform the best in our climate & soil, Roseville Farms offers the highest quality plants available in 70 gorgeous varieties…including varieties from England, France, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Japan and Germany.

Cut Clematis is an exciting newcomer in the cut flower world…and Roseville Farms offers amazing, large flowering type vines as cut flowers which last up to 10 days or more in a vase.  Roseville offers cut Clematis nearly 8 months out of the year in 5 color categories: White, Red, Blue, Purple & Pink.  Imagine using lush Clematis vines for a cascading affect in bridal bouquets and large arrangements…talk about the WOW factor!

Please visit the Roseville Farms website for more information on cut Clematis and ask your local flower supplier or seller for their beautiful flowers. Watch for Roseville Farms Clematis in upcoming Fun with Flowers and J Shows… What a TREAT!