JUNE 2012 Newsletter: Mel & Joey Schwanke go Viral!

Mel & Joey Schwanke

Fame is a funny thing…you never know when it could strike!  Well, fame recently paid a visit to J’s parents…Mel & Joey Schwanke…who have been married for nearly 65 years.  KETV affiliate in Freemont, NE interviewed the Schwankes and asked them to share their secret for a lasting marriage…and their reply…”matching outfits!”  Yes, J’s folks have been wearing matching outfits everyday for nearly 35 years!   Well, it didn’t take long for the interview to make it’s way to other local television news outlets…and then…it totally went viral!  Mel & Joey have been featured all over the U.S. news networks, the internet…including the Yahoo homepage and then the story got picked up in Canada and England!  America has fallen in love with Mel & Joey and their matching outfits!

If you hadn’t had a chance to see the interview…here it is!  You’ve just got to view it…Mel & Joey are too cute!

Mel and Joey Schwanke in front of their Flower show in Fremont NE!

Nebraska Couple wear matching outfits everyday for 35 years!

The Freemont Tribune did a follow up article on Mel & Joey…obviously, the Schwanke’s are boosting viewership!  And, being their son and all…J had to share his thoughts on his parent’s new found fame and divulged some tidbits that you won’t hear in the news!

What’s next for Mel and Joey?  Who knows…but whatever they decide to accomplish…they will do it together…in matching outfits of course!