J LOVES his Swiss Army Knives!

JUNE 2012 NEWSLETTER: Product Recommendation…Swiss Army Knife

J LOVES his Swiss Army Knives!

Swiss Army Locking Blade Knife… It’s J’s MUST HAVE Flower Design Tool…  the Red Swiss Army Knife has been an ESSENTIAL Flower Tool for both the Professional and Enthusiast. Nothing cuts flowers with a more accurate clean cut than the Swiss Army Knife. Now in Designer colors (Yellow, Pink, Blue, Lavender and Green)  you can choose your Favorite Color… Now the COLOR allows Designers to keep track of “THEIR” own Personal Knife. The Swiss Army Knife is featured in 100′s of JTV and Fun With Flowers and J Episodes… and coming soon… Flowers 101 will add more videos about this ESSENTIAL FLOWER DESIGN Tool… How to Sharpen, How to Clean, Knife Care… Plus, watch for other Victorinox Swiss Army Tools in use on Fun With Flowers and J… Scissors, Shears, Wire Cutters and much more…

Now Swiss Army Knives come in Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple and Pink!

” Flowers are MY Business… Long Lasting Flowers are Essential… Swiss Army Provides the Best Quality… and Extreme Durability when it comes to Flower Tools… I have no closer connection to my Flowers than through my Swiss Army Knife… I’ve have one in every drawer, my car, (several) in my Tool kit, on the set… everywhere you TURN… my Swiss Army Knife is waiting for my next Creative Flower Adventure! I can’t live without it!!!” –  J Schwanke,  Host of Fun with Flowers and J, CEO of uBloom.com

Check out this uBloom Fresh Cut mini-vid of J talking about his favorite tool…his Swiss Army Knife!