Get Your OWN uBloom Trend Synthesis® Brochure TODAY!

How do I get MY OWN uBloom Trend Synthesis® Brochure???

Get Your OWN uBloom Trend Synthesis® Brochure TODAY!

That’s an Awesome Question… and one that is bombarding our Email Boxes and uBloom Social Media Pages…

And the Answer is EASY!!!! There are 3 Ways for your to Get your Very OWN Copy our 6 Page Full Color uBloom Trend Synthesis® Brochure!

1. Attend a Live J Educational Event.… (Visit J’s Schedule HERE)…  J gives Hands On Workshops and Award Winning Educational Events all across the Country… for Professional Florists, Wedding and Event Planners, Flower Arrangers and Designers and the Flower Loving General Public! J loves sharing his passion for everything flowers… and the uBloom Trend Synthesis® Brochure is No Exception… And the $20 Brochures are Complimentary (FREE) in exchange for your Business Card or Email Address…. so make sure you come prepared!

Trend Synthesis® Sponsors... Get Your Copy From Them!!!

2. Contact one of these Premiere uBloom Trend Synthesis® Sponsors…
Design Master Color Tool… Esprit Miami… Garcia Group… Reliant Ribbon….

Visit their Showrooms… or their Booth at Trade shows… or ask your Salesperson… and BINGO… You’ve got your Very Own Complimentary Copy…

or Contact any of these Supporting Sponsors that also have flowers, foliage or product featured throughout the 4 Concepts…

Brannan Street Wholesale Florist
Chrysal USA
Continental Floral Greens
David Austin Roses
Esmeralda Farms
Giftwares Inc.
Green Valley Floral
Independent Floral Network
JRM Chemical and Deco Beads
Ocean View Flowers
Resendiz Brothers
Roseville Farms
SNK Enterprises
Victorinox/Swiss Army Tools

Obviously… the BEST (and FREE) Way to get your Very Own Copy is by Attending a J Show or Visiting one of the Many Participating Sponsors… but if none of that is possible… we have one more WAY to get a Copy delivered to your DOOR!

3. Visit the uBloom Store at… We have an Extra Special On-line offer…50% off the cover price… (that’s $10 plus shipping and handling)…  and the uBloom Team will  have the uBloom Trend Synthesis® Brochure delivered directly to you!

So… What are waiting for… The Companion Videos for this Valuable Trend Concept Information Premiere In July, September and November 2012… and January 2013… Don’t miss a moment… plus there’s even more ways to connect with additional information on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter…  Follow J… and start Translating Trends and Colors into Flowers Today!

PS… Don’t forget that EACH Page of the uBloom Trend Synthesis® has a Detailed RESOURCE and SUPPLY Guide… that will be posted in J’s Blog… after each Concept
and Project Video Premiere at!